Friday, 21 June 2013


Amber light will illuminate with Master Caution "DOORS" when a door is unlocked. Air Stair must be fully stowed, even if fwd entry door is closed. Equip is for E & E bay and Radar bay.
The sequence of door lights is changed in the NG's to accommodate the left and right overwing annunciators. They are located between the fwd & aft entry/service door lights.

On the NG, it is not uncommon to get an overwing caption illuminate for a fraction of a second as you start the take-off run. This is due to the overwing exit automatic locking function being slightly slow.
Maximum wind speed for door operation: 40kts.
The doors may remain latched open in winds of up to: 65Kts.
(AMM 52-10-00-011 Rev 0 09)
200C door panel
Classic door panel

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